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Tullynakill Cemetery Gravestones
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Erected by David Adams of Ballyboley in memory of his wife Mary Adams, alias McMurray, who died the 17th February, 1870. Aged 68 years.

Also his son Robert who died 28th March, 1837. Aged 6 years.

Also his son James who died 30th March, 1855. Aged 27 years.

Inscribed by Agnes Lowry in memory of her father David Adams, who departed this life 31st March, 1877. Aged 77 years.

Inscribed by John Lowry in memory of his wife Agnes Lowry who died 2nd June, 1892. Aged 67 years.

Inscribed by Hugh McBride, Ballyministra, in memory of his uncle Joseph Adams, who died 23rd March, 1906. Aged 74 years.

Also his aunt Eliza Adams, who died 7th May, 1909. Aged 86 years.

Erected by Michael McMurray of Lisbarne to the memory of his son William McMurray who departed this life the 17th of March, 1815. Aged 32 years.

Also Margaret McMurray wife to John McMurray son to the above who died 7th October, 1835. Aged 54 years.

Also the said John McMurray late of Ballyboley who departed this life 17th July, 1850. Aged 76 years.

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