Notes for Katharyn Ethel DECHANT

Lived at Renova, PA. Not married.

Notes for Lorin Williamson DECHANT

Presumed stillborn.

Notes for Louis Henry DECHANT

Baptized by Reverend Jakob Dechant (his father).

Sponsored by George Dewees "and his lady Emille".

Notes for Maria Fredericka Philipena DECHANT

Maria came to the US in 1815 by way of Amsterdam. She arrived in Philadelphia Nov. 16, 1815 on the ship "Calisto." She traveled with her two brothers, Johann George and Johann John and their families.

Notes for Maria Rebekka DECHANT

Baptized by Reverend Friedrich Wm. Van der Sloot.

Sponsoerd by Phillip and Susanna Bahl.

Notes for Marion Ruth DECHANT

Lived at Renova, PA.

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