Notes for Jakob Wilhelm DECHANT

The Weilburg birthplace is taken from the Pennsylvania archives of immigrants. In the book, "The Fathers of the Reformed Church", his birthplace was listed as Kreutznach, in the Palatinate.

First of Dechant family to come to America. He arrived at Philadelphia, PA, on 5 Sep 1805, as an indentured servant. The record of his travels was recorded in a letter that he sent to his Mother and Sister on 26 Jun 1807, from Baltimore, MD. He died about 30 miles from his home, as written "death overtook him".

Heinrich Jacob arrived in the US in Philadelphia on 5 Sept 1805 at the age of 22. He sold himself to a farmer for his passage to America. He arrived on board the ship "Verny" which sailed from Amsterdam.

Notes for Johann George DECHANT

Johann George Frederick was an apprenticed as a cooper in Germany.

Johann George Frederick arrived in Philadelphia from Amsterdam on Nov. 16, 1815. He arrived with his wife, three children, one chest, one trunk, and two bundles of bedding.

Johann George Frederick was a teamster in Ohio. While brother Jacob William had a brewery in Ohio, George delivered and sold the products.

Notes for Johann Peter DECHANT

Birthdate taken from Appenheim records.

Confirmed in the Reformed Church on Easter, 1796.

From 1776-1796, Rev. Johann Peter Dechant was the Pastor in Appenheim.

Notes for Johann Peter DECHANT

Baptized by Reverend Jakob Dechant (his father).

Sponsored by John Peter Dechant "and his lady


Notes for Johann Peter DECHANT

Johann Peter was apprenticed in merchandising. His wife, Louise, inherited money that he invested in a wine business. It was later destroyed by Napolean's troops in 1813-1814.

On November 16, 1815, he packed up his wife, and two children and came to America. He traveled with his sister Maria Fredericka and his brother Johann George Frederick and his family. They came on the ship "Calisto" and arriving in Philadelphia from Amsterdam. Johann Peter was reported to have carried two chests, three trunks, one Baskett, and two bed bundles.

Johann Peter immediately went into business in Germantown, but was unfamiliar with local customs, so the business failed. He then became a German Reformed Church Preacher. He was assigned to a congregation in Urbana, Champaign, Ohio. He was also the pastor of the Union Church in Lawrenceville, Ohio.

Johann Peter was helping a neighbor to clear a field when he was killed by a falling tree in 1824.

Notes for John Franklin DECHANT

At the age of 12 John went to Norristown, PA, and worked for Sheets. After that he worked in Philadelphia, PA, for the wholesale grocery house of Krauss, Ingram, and Hiester. While there he was faithful in YMCA work, in church, and Sunday School.

John was prevailed upon to enter the ministry. The firm presented him a $100 gift when he left for school. He worked his way through school. His preparatory course was taken at Palatinate College, Myerstown. He graduated from Franklin and Marshall College in 1896 and from the Lancaster Theological Seminary in 1899.

According to Mary Dechant Long, John was also trained as a minister but was never ordained and never preached. Mary stated that he was licensed, and knew him as Uncle Frank. He may have been wealthy. He did much genealogical research in Germany.

Notes for John Mayer DECHANT

Member of Junior Class at Seminary.

Franklin And Marshall College - 1921 & Seminary In 1925.

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