Notes for George Benson DECHANT

Lived at Renova, PA.

Notes for George Benson DECHANT

Baptized by Reverend Conrad Miller.

Sponsored by Elisabetha van Buskirk.

Notes for George Irvin DECHANT

Lived at Cincinnati, OH.

Notes for Gregorius Wilhelm DECHANT

Baptized by Reverend Jakob Dechant (his father).

Sponsored by Georg Friedrich Dechant "and his lady


Notes for Herbert DECHANT

Lived at Renova, PA.

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Notes for Herbert Scott DECHANT

Lived at Mount Carmel, PA, then at Detoit, MI.

Notes for Irene Mayer DECHANT

Irene was a twin sister to Alliene. Unfortunately, Irene died at birth.

Notes for Jacob William DECHANT

Jacob attended Palatinate College in Myerstown, PA and Perkiomen Seminary in Pennsburg, PA.

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