Notes for Clarence Albert DECHANT

Lived at Wyomissing, PA.

Notes for Clayton Robert DECHANT

Lived at Mount Carmel, PA.

Notes for Clement Weiser DECHANT

Clement graduated from Franklin and Marshall College in 1919. He graduated from the Lancaster Seminary in 1920.

According to his sister, Mary Dechant Long, Clement was given the middle name after Conrad Weiser, one of the primary immigrants to America.

Clement was the pastor in Oak Lane Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was also responsible for much of the beautiful stained glass at Oak Lane Church. He wrote a book describing each window and its symbolism.

Clement was a heavy smoker, and died from emphazema. He had a large collection of pipes he carved and made himself.

Notes for Clyde Calvin DECHANT

Lived at Philadelphia, PA.

Notes for Clyde Theodore DECHANT

Lived at Renova, PA.

Notes for David Albert DECHANT

Lived at Ashland, PA. Served in US Army in France

during World War I.

Notes for Edith Gladwin DECHANT

Mary Dechant Long was a bridesmaid for Edith. She remembered the wedding was held "outside of Boston", and that Uncle Frank payed for the expenses for a car caravan to that wedding. She also said that Joseph had an airplane and took Mary and baby James for a ride over the battle fields of Gettysberg.

Notes for Ella May DECHANT

Lived at Reading, PA.

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