Notes for Anna Elizabeth DECHANT

Lived at West Reading, PA. Not married.

Notes for Augustus Ludwig DECHANT

Baptized by Reverend Friedrich Wm. Vandersloot.

Sponsored by August Ruelze and Susanna Baere.

[NOTE: From an unknown newspaper reunion article]

From his 9th year he was a machinist, tailor, and preacher. He worked Schwenksville, Norristown and Macungie, all in Pennsylvania. He had to work at the above jobs "because at the age of 7 when his father died he was thrown upon his own resources almost immediately".

[NOTE: From the "Family Record" by Mary Dechant originally held by Julia Wien Wertz]

At the age of 7 he went to live with his sister, Mrs. Bassler, in Beaver Springs, Synder County.

At the age of ten he walked from Zieglersville, Montgomery county, to Philadelphia in one day. He was hired to a German by the name of Suller for board and clothes. This master was noted for his fiery temper and after five years of ill treatment, Augustus decided to run away.

During these five years he had been a regular attendant at the Sunday School in St. John's Street below Green. He also attended evening school for short time. His brothers, John and Fred, gave him enough money to take him to Norristown, from where he walked to Keelor's Church and there hired himself to two women by the name of Koons for board and clothes. These ladies were just as kind as Suller had been severe.

After one year he went to Schwenksville and learned a trade (tailor). He was confirmed by Rev. Hougen, one of his father's students in Keeley's church, near Schwenksville. At the age of 17 he went to Millerstown to work at his trade. While here he was made Superintendent of the Sunday School in his brother-in-law's church. He was pastor at the following churches; Keelor's Church, Frederick; Keeley's Church, Schwenksville; Towamencin, Huber's in Douglas Township; Boyertown; Hilltown; Summneytown; Old Goshenhopen (Woxall).

Notes for Charles Frederick DECHANT

Probably born at Mount Carmel, PA.

Notes for Charles Glime DECHANT

Lived at Riverside, NJ.

Notes for Charles Theodor DECHANT

Baptized by Reveverd Jacob Miller.

Sponsored by Isaac Hunsperger "and his lady".

Served in 9th PA Cavalry in Civil War as a SGT.

Two letters written by C.T. Dechant to his brother

during the Civil War still exist. (They are the

property of Earl Dechant).

Notes for Christian Ludwig Becker DECHANT

Baptized by Reverend Albert Helfenstein.

Sponsored by John and Hanna Romig.

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