Notes for Abner Stauffer DECHANT

[NOTE: From FRETZ, p.222]

Abner graduated from Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster County, PA, in 1887 and from Reformed Theological Seminary in 1890. He was ordained a minister of the German Reformed Church in August 1890, and was sent to Abilene, Kansas, as a missionary. This work he carried on for five years, when he was elected Superintendent of Western Mission. He served this position for 7 years.


In 1895 he went to Mercersburg, PA. From 1898 to 1905 he was Superintendent of Missions for the Interior Synod. In 1901 he served St. Paul's Church, Waynesboro, PA for several months. In 1901 he started Oak Lane Church in Philadelphia, PA. He was there for 9 years.

In 1903 he went to the Philadelphia Classis, Eastern Synod. In 1910, he went to Hanover, Emmanuel Church. He was there 17 years when he retired and went to live at the Pigeon Hills House (known as the "Log House") where he was living at the time of his death.

Notes for Abner Walton DECHANT

Served in US Army in Hawaii, from 1925 to 1928.

Notes for Adelaide DECHANT

Lived at Reading, PA.

Never married.

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Notes for Adelheit DECHANT

Father noted "when I was absent" about her birth.

Baptized by Reverend Dr. Geissenheiner.

Sponsored by Reverend Henry Geissenheimer "and his


Never married.

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Notes for Albert Henry DECHANT

Lived at West Reading, PA.

Notes for Alliene Saeger DECHANT

Alliene was a twin. Her twin sister, Irene Mayer, lived only one day.

Alliene graduated from Hood College in 1915. She was a missionary to Japan, sailing for Japan in September 1921 to teach English in the Girl's School in Sendai, Japan.

Alliene was a newspaper reporter and editor. Her last major job was as Editor of the Kutztown Patriot, Kutztown, PA, at that time a weekly paper. This was in the 1950s and 1960s. At one time, about 1940, she lived in the Fleetwood Hotel while she was a reporter for the Patriot.

Alliene married once, to a William VanReed SELTZER. That marriage lasted only a short time. Alliene probably was not a very lovable, warm person for her husband. Alliene was an opinionated lady, very proud, a "know-it-all", and a snoopy and embarrassing person to be around. However, those were the qualities that made her the great news reporter that she was. She was never without her pencil and paper, always ready to record a new incident or interview.

Alliene's nephew, Jim Long, once visited there for a week's stay and got measles. He remembers a period of delirium during the sickness. They decided to cut the stay short and took him home to Fleetwood, a trip that his mother, Mary, felt should not have been taken.

Alliene was the author of three books: "Of The Dutch I Sing" which was published in 1951. "Down Oley Way" was published in 1953. The Oley Valley is located within Berks County, Pennsylvania, approximately one hour northwest of Philadelphia. "I Came This Way" which was published in 1958. Niece Louise Long Banick illustrated at least one of Alliene's books, which were wonderful personal insights into the personalities of the Pennsylvania Dutch people.

Alliene was a great story teller. She was also a proponent and supporter for Camp Mensch Mill and spent many months there. At her request, her ashes were spread on Vesper Hill at Camp Mensch Mill by her sister, Mary, and her niece and nephew, Louise and James Long.

Alliene spent several last years in a nursing home at Topton, PA, a town not too far from Kutztown. She was incapacitated and bed-ridden for her last three years, and was unable to recognize anyone, even her only living family member, her sister Mary Dechant Long.

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